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CV Fleet Cleaning Services

We are one of the UK’s leading vehicle fleet cleaning specialists. From national hauliers to van fleets we keep our clients vehicles clean and on the road. Using high pressure cleaning systems and environmentally friendly detergents you have peace of mind the appearance of your fleet will be in top condition.

Our clients include:

  • National hauliers and transport companies
  • Supermarket delivery fleets
  • Parcel delivery fleets
  • Quarry vehicle fleets
  • Van fleets

Specialist services include:

  • Steam cleaning
  • Lime scale removal
  • Vehicle stain removal
  • Vehicle graffiti removal
  • Building graffiti removal
  • External depot facilities cleaning (e.g. fuelling areas and loading bays).
  • Harmful substance removal (please call for further details)

By partnering with us we will help you:

Reduce your vehicle replacement costs because our specialist cleaning services can increase vehicle life by as much as 20%.

Look after the environment giving you peace of mind that you are both doing the right thing AND avoiding potential fines associated with the mishandling of hazardous chemicals.

Enhance your business image and company reputation by having gleaming, clean vehicle on the road. (I have lost count of the number of pictures of filthy company vehicles I have seen shared on social media, which instantly gives the wrong impression of customer care).

Reduce your MOT fees by preparing your vehicles for successful inspection saving you time and repeat inspection fees.

Keep your business operating without interruption because our highly trained operative teams will come to YOUR depot and will work around YOUR schedule, even if it is at weekends or late at night.

Here's A Brief Explanation of What We Do

Keeping vehicle fleets clean is both a science and an art. We use environmentally friendly detergents, combined with the latest in pressure washing technology to quickly but thoroughly clean the vehicle.

This process can be used on trailer skirts and the back door as well as the sides of the vehicle. It can also be used on aluminium surfaces like diesel tanks, wheels and steps.

When you see a vehicle being cleaned by professional operatives you will notice there is a significant difference. Have a look at our before and after shots of the difficult to clean areas in the video above.

The advantages of regularly keeping your vehicles cleaned to this high standard by professionals include:

  • An enhanced business image
  • Uninterrupted business operation
  • Looking after the environment
  • Extended on the road vehicle life
  • MOT inspection readiness

“You Can Keep Your Vehicle Cleaning In-House...
But There Are Downsides”

After spending over 25 years cleaning vehicle fleets for forward thinking companies like TNT I have seen the problems and pitfalls where companies try to claim the false economy of cleaning their vehicles in house.

I think it is extremely important to make you aware of some of those pitfalls and what you can do about them.

So I decided to speak to one of the UKs leading pressure washer servicing companies, responsible for maintaining over 200 machines across the country to establish what the most common mistakes that are unwittingly made by companies with in-house cleaning equipment.

In a frank interview with their lead technician he said there were three main problems.

  1. The first is Frost Damage, which is an easily avoidable problem with the right operatives and procedures in place. Too often untrained drivers will leave the equipment charged with water that expands when it freezes which, depending on where you are in the country can be over 50 times a year.
  2. The second problem is Excessive Wear on the machine because too many untrained users, uncertain how to operate the equipment at its optimum, unnecessarily run the machine into the ground.
  3. And the third major problem was Lance and Hose Gear Damage. Multiple users of the same equipment will not take the same consistent care. The most common problem is vehicles running over the equipment that has been discarded after use.

Other common though much more hidden mistakes that are unwittingly made by organisations who believe the DIY approach will save money include:

  • Incredible inefficiencies in terms of both manpower resource and detergent usage because of the frequent stop-start use of the equipment by untrained and unskilled staff.
  • A lack of understanding of the impact seasonal temperature fluctuation can have on equipment. To ensure cost effective and efficient use a different approach to cleaning is necessary at different times of the year.
  • Use of hazardous chemicals that pose a potential health risk to untrained operators and may possibly harm the environment if used incorrectly or not disposed of in accordance with HSE guidelines.
  • Equipment left on for extended periods of time that can leave them inefficient and potentially cause extensive damage to pump seals and bearings.

So if you are cleaning your vehicles in house you need to be mindful of the extra costs and expense you may be unwittingly incurring.

Give me, Peter Stevenson, a call now on 02476 303 069 for a free 45 minute personal consultation and I will audit your current practices, identify any problem areas and show you how you can reduce or even eradicate any unnecessary costs. Or, to ask me a specific question send me an email at

"Giving You Convenience, Cost Saving and Enhanced Company Credibility"